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50 Shades vs 50 Reasons

Typically this is the weekend when you can count on an overpriced dinner and safe, if not cheesy, romantic comedy, but what Hollywood has released this Valentine’s Day is far from safe.

Social media and the blogosphere are full of “50 reasons not to see 50 Shades of Gray” articles so I’m not going pile on with another list of reasons we should avoid it when those reasons should already be obvious to any believer or morally conscious individual.

But one thing I haven’t heard much about is the irony of this type of movie opening on this particular weekend.  We all know 50 Shades was strategically placed over the weekend we set aside to celebrate love and romance.  But what the movie is supposed to portray and what Valentines is supposed to represent aren’t in the same universe.  It’s like marketing a slasher film as a Christmas movie just because the story takes place in December.   Despite that no one seems to see this valentine’s release date as anything but normal which may be an indication of just how distorted our ideas of love and romance have become.

So how are we to respond?  Instead of wasting time with the obvious (i.e. this movie is bad and I refuse see it!) let’s find ways to give a more accurate and higher view of love and romance than what 50 Shades is presenting. So instead of “50 reasons I’m Angry”  Here are “50 Reasons I Love My Wife”  Happy Valentines Day, Lesley!

  1. She is the funniest person I know.
  2. Blue eyes that you get… lost…in…
  3. There are no cheap laughs, she makes you earn it
  4. But when she laughs it’s still the best sound ever.
  5. The girl can flat cook.
  6. Her superpower is speed reading.
  7. She doesn’t tell me every sermon was good
  8. Sweet Tea
  9. People like me because of her.
  10. She is always up to try a new restaurant.
  11. She has no tolerance for drama
  12. Classic rock turned up loud.
  13. She speaks my love language: Sarcasm
  14. I get to try two entrées at every restaurant because I get what’s left on her plate.
  15. Inside jokes from 20+ years of history
  16. She listens to NPR with me.
  17. She knows more about my relatives than I do.
  18. We still hold hands.
  19. She is willing to go wherever God leads us.
  20. She loves our church well.
  21. When she gets embarrassed he eyes tear up, which leads to more embarrassment…
  22. She gives good advice and has good ideas.
  23. One liners I can rip off and use in my sermons.
  24. Always Classy, but with a hint of redneck.
  25. Peas and Cornbread
  26. What I say to Lesley stays with Lesley
  27. She could be a professional napper.
  28. Dessert is never a question.
  29. Conversation is easy…
  30. …but silence isn’t awkward.
  31. She plays the piano.
  32. She likes to travel as much as I do.
  33. We love to wander through the same stores.
  34. Low maintenance beauty.
  35. Her chocolate chip cookies
  36. Her commitment to study God’s word…
  37. And her calling to lead others to do the same.
  38. Her willingness to make sacrifices for her family
  39. She talks to me through Pinterest
  40. Hot tea w/ plenty of sugar & a splash of milk every morning
  41. Guys/Girls Night Out are fun, but we both prefer Date Night
  42. She never brings up my past mistakes.
  43. When she looks me in the eye and says “I like you.”
  44. She has always been smart, but I am watching her become wise.
  45. She believes in me.
  46. She knows me, and she still loves me.
  47. Her inner child is very much alive and a lot of fun.
  48. She still flirts with me.
  49. When she answers the phone and is excited it me.
  50. She is more beautiful today than the day we met.